Tired of the same boring coffee at work? Find an office coffee machine that suits your office, your employees and your budget.  

It’s no secret, a hot cup of coffee can not only help you with your mental alertness and endurance, but it can also boost Productivity. Especially at work, if you spend your break times with your colleagues, having a chat with a cup of coffee, can be good for your business.

According to research by MIT*, gathering around your coffee machine in the office, helps collaboration between colleagues and stops needless back and forth pinging of emails.

The best office coffee machine is budget friendly, efficient, quick at making drinks and fits the space available in the office. Ideally, it should cater to the variety of taste buds in your office from a simple shot of espresso to a delicious Mocha. This post is not only for those in-the-know, but also for the ones who haven’t got the faintest clue but still want a coffee machine.

If you’re looking at investing in a bean to cup coffee machine for your office, that keeps it a happy, productive place, without breaking the bank then read along…

Franke A600 – Best Office Coffee Machine for Milk Drinks

Franke Coffee Machines have been a leading coffee machine manufacturer for offices for many years and consistently deliver top quality coffee machines such as the Franke A600.


Key features – Width: 34cm; Depth: 60cm; Height: 79cm; Weight: 38 Kg

Franke A600 Price ★★★
Franke A600 Coffee Dispensing Speed ★★★★★
Franke A600 Maintenance Per Year ★★★★
Franke A600 Efficiency ★★★★★
Franke A600 Colours/Customisation Available ★★★★

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Frank A600 Office Coffee Machine

The Swiss designed Franke A600 is a state-of-the-art coffee machine which will seamlessly fit in to almost any office or commercial environment. The A600 can deliver up to 150 hot beverages with a respectable dispense time.

The Franke A600 Bean to Cup is available as fixed water-mains connected machine or with a built-in water tank and come with an 8” colour touchscreen with crystal clear clarity.

The LED lighting adds a stylish touch to the centre display and sends out warning signals when a drink is being prepared or operator messages when coffee or milk is necessary, always providing you with complete control.

Thanks to a timer function and low power consumption in standby mode, the A600 is extremely energy efficient. It is available between £9,000 to £12,000 depending on the style and features available.

The A600 Office Coffee Machine is only available in black and white; it is the A1000 which is available in more variety of options. Patented iQFlow technology gets more flavour out of the beans and delivers perfect consistency throughout the day. They require maintenance every year depending on number of coffees serviced by the machine (40,000 coffees for A600) and the quality of water in your area.

WMF 1500s – Best Office Coffee Machine for Cleaning

Engineered in Germany, WMF office coffee machines represent excellent value for money and have been one of the leading bean to cup machine manufacturers for several years.

Key features – Width: 35cm; Depth: 58cm; Height: 77cm; Weight: 58 Kg

WMF 1500s Price ★★★★
WMF 1500s Coffee Dispensing Speed ★★★★★
WMF 1500s Maintenance Per Year ★★★★
WMF 1500s Efficiency ★★★★
WMF 1500s Colours/Customisation Available ★★★★

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WMF 1500s Office Coffee Machine

The WMF 1500S is a quality commercial coffee machine that is an ideal solution for businesses wanting to offer a barista standard coffee at a touch of a button. The 1500s is typically suitable for up-to 180 beverages per day including teas. Just like the Franke A600, the WMF 1500s office bean to cup is available with fixed water-mains or with a built-in water tank.

The machine features the WMF Plug and Clean fully automated and HACCP certified milk cleaning system, making the complete cleaning process incredibly easy. The machine features three hoppers with a flexible configuration and different capacities for added flexibility.

The WMF 1500s Bean to Cup offers a variety of drink combinations and features independent brewing parameters for each coffee hopper (three in total for different capacities for flexibility), which coupled with a touch display for individualised menu settings make it easy to use. The WMF 1500S is similar to price compared to the Crew CM70, although the colour options are limited.

With its appealing 10″ colour touch display that features realistic product portrayals, the WMF 1500 S+ welcomes engagement right away. The navigation is simple, with familiar touch and swipe menus and options for both served and self-service. The display can be used to show videos, such as to promote special offers at specific times of day.


Overall, the WMF 1500s is a robust coffee machine that offers all the quality and functionality that is required of a simple easy-to-use automatic coffee machine.

Melitta Cafina XT5 – Most Stylish Office Coffee Machine

The Melitta Cafina XT5 is a professional office coffee machine, suitable for premises with small to medium requirements like shops, offices, and restaurants. It is a fully automated bean to cup coffee machine that has a daily output of up-to 180 cups. The 8.4” easy-to-use touch screen display and helpful service offered by the Melitta® INSIGHTS customer portal make this machine a joy to use

Key features – Width: 30cm; Depth: 58cm; Height: 71cm; Weight: 60 Kg

WMF 1500s Price ★★★
WMF 1500s Coffee Dispensing Speed ★★★★★
WMF 1500s Maintenance Per Year ★★★
WMF 1500s Efficiency ★★★★★
WMF 1500s Colours/Customisation Available ★★★

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Melitta Cafina XT5 Office Coffee Machine

At 715mm high and just 300mm wide, The WMF 1500s is sleek, compact and offers a contemporary look to any space. It is a practical option and with simple programming it can grind fresh beans to produce quality coffee, cup after cup.

By using the telemetry capability of the machine, the Melitta Cafina XT5 offers something different. It provides you with visibility into your fleet of coffee machines, data analysis and automatic reporting.

Cleaning of the brewing and milk systems on the WMF 1500s is done completely automatically within the coffee machine. Nothing needs to be taken apart or removed. It’s as easy as that: it’s quick, safe, and hygienic.

Jura Giga X9 – Best Value Office Coffee Machine

Jura Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine can deliver up to 150 coffees per day. It is available in hand fill and plumbed-in version. It features 3 thermo-blocks and 3 pumps to produce a catering machine capable of delivering great coffees.

Key features – Width: 37cm; Depth: 50cm; Height: 57cm; Weight: 22 Kg

Jura Giga X9 Price ★★★★★
Jura Giga X9 Coffee Dispensing Speed ★★
Jura Giga X9 Maintenance Per Year ★★★
Jura Giga X9 Efficiency ★★★
Jura Giga X9 Colours/Customisation Available ★★★

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Jura Giga X9 Office Coffee Machine

The Jura X9 Office Bean to Cup machine comes with a basic TFT colour display and is cost effective compared to the others in this list. However, they are only available in a single colour. Integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling make this machine incredibly easy to maintain.

Jura Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine is suitable for smaller offices, and require more maintenance compared to others (At 13,000 coffees) and there are some things that one should consider before buying one.

Firstly, they take twice as long as other office coffee machines to make a drink, which can be as issue during those busy lunch breaks.

Secondly, Jura Giga X9 office bean to cup machine has a fiddly bit of plastic that sits in the milk tube called the plastic retrofit restrictor. It helps feed the milk and needs a lot of TLC to ensure the milk pipe doesn’t clog. Not only can this affect the taste of the drink, but also, in severe cases cause a break-down of the machine.

Furthermore, the Giga X9 is not capable of producing hot chocolates, so if you want to cater to everyone’s taste buds you should consider one of the other Office Coffee Machines.

CREW CM70 – Best All-round Office Coffee Machine

Crew Machines are a premium one-touch coffee solution which are easily customisable. They save 22% of coffee per cup with their patent pending innovative brewing technology which is ideal for your office coffee machine.


Key features – Width: 34cm; Depth: 50cm; Height: 80cm; Weight: 35 Kg

Crew CM70 Price ★★★★
Crew CM70 Coffee Dispensing Speed ★★★★★
Crew CM70 Maintenance Per Year ★★★★★
Crew CM70 Efficiency ★★★★★
Crew CM70 Colours/Customisation Available ★★★★★

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Crew CM70 Office Coffee Machine

The Crew CM70 bean to cup coffee machine can output 150 beverages in a day with a 35 second dispense time for a 12oz cup, so no more queuing in the office at the coffee machine. It also features a hot water spout for a steaming cup of tea. 

The dual stage eco boost mode helps with your energy bills by 20% Energy saving. The Crew CM70 Bean to Cup machine is available in red, white, silver, and black to match any type of office space. They are easy to maintain and can be used with a variety of coffee beans. The CM70 requires maintenance every year depending on number of coffees serviced by the coffee machine (40,000 coffees in CM70s case) and the quality of water in your area.

Choosing the Best Office Coffee Machine – What’s Important?

Office coffee machines should be intuitive, cater to all taste buds, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, traditional coffee machines that you see in a café work best with a skilled and trained barista to deliver tasty cups of coffees. Having a trained barista can make all the difference. Hiring a barista to serve everyone at the office is highly impractical, so, the next available option is a Bean to Cup machine.

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

All coffee machines for the office covered in this post belong to this category. These are automatic bean to cup coffee machines that at a mere touch of a button grind the coffee beans, the brewing chamber compacts the beans, the machine steams the milk, delivers a pre-set espresso shot and the spent puck is ejected into an internal waste bin; all automatically. There is an inbuilt drip tray that collects the residual coffee which needs to be emptied manually.

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price

All office coffee machines covered in this post have an approx. cost of ownership between £5000 to £12,000.

All Office coffee machines supplied via Beanmachines are available on outright purchase or on lease from us.

We do flexible payment options for your office coffee machine that can fulfil all your coffee demands. Please feel free to call us on 0800 048 4243 or email us at: [email protected] 

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Dispensing Speed

It is the speed with which the office coffee machine will automatically dispense a drink at a touch of a button. Typically, the speed varies between 35sec to 1min 10 sec depending on the type of coffee machine and the size of the cup.

For Example: The Crew CM70 dispenses at an average of 35 seconds in a 12oz. cup compared to the Jura Giga X9 at 1min 10 secs. The difference may not seem much until you are waiting to get your favourite cuppa at lunch time!

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Maintenance

The maintenance cost of an office coffee machine consists of:

a) Cost of coffee beans per year
b) Cost of cleaning consumables per year
c) Annual maintenance cost and
d) Change of filters

All 4 variables depend on your consumption of coffee and consumables and fall in the range of approx. £1000 to £5000/year.

Office coffee machines require maintenance every year depending on number of coffees serviced by the machine. Jura’s need to be serviced after every 13,000 coffees which is a lot more frequently compared to a Franke A600 or a Crew CM70 (40,000 coffees)

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Efficiency

Most office coffee machines in the list use advanced technologies to ensure efficiency. For instance, Crew Coffee Machines are fitted with a high efficiency metal brewing unit ensure that maximum amount of coffee is extracted from the coffee beans.

Jura’s and their Energy save mode ensure energy efficiency. On the other hand, a Crew CM70 reduces the amount of coffee per cup and features a dual stage eco boost mode, which reduces energy consumption by as much as 22%

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Available Colours

Eye catching advertising or company logos on screen or on the machine are great for customising your coffee machine.

Add to that, availability of different colours ensures that it can fit into any environment and add a touch of class.

Anything else to consider when looking for an Office Bean to Cup Machine?

The quality of water in your area can affect your office coffee machine. Limescale builds-up due to hardness of water and can put your machine at risk, so, getting your coffee machine serviced makes sense.

Negotiating a package to include an engineer to service the coffee machine will ensure the long-term life of the machine. Most bean to cup coffee machines come with an in-built boiler to heat water for the coffee and require some sort of a pressure-vessel safety check that can be an add-on £300 depending on the machine.

Finally, be diligent as just a quick glance online for reviews highlights issues with machines sent to UK addresses with an EU plug and a return to base warranty to Italy! Check where you’re buying the machine from and enquire about technical support. Going for the cheapest deal on Amazon could end up costing you more in the long run.

Office Coffee Machines – A Conclusion (of sorts…)

There is no one-fits-all when it comes to the best office coffee machine. Depending on what’s important to you will determine what the best office coffee machine for you is – we have given you the best in category to help you make more of an informed decision. 

To discuss options further or if you would like package prices on any of the bean to cup coffee machines get in touch – we will be happy to discuss any of your requirements with you.