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Franke Coffee Machines

As one of the most prestigious Swiss brands of bean to cup coffee machines in the world, Franke Coffee Machines are synonymous with quality, performance, and design. For over 100 years they’ve been producing brilliant coffee by creating innovative coffee machines that have quality at their core.

Franke Coffee machines provide the best bean to cup machines that meet your requirements in terms of drinks size, customisation, speed, and varieties of drinks. Their comprehensive range is designed to give you complete control over your beverages giving you more choice, flexibility, and reliability.


Unbeatable Prices on Franke Coffee Machines

We have been Franke coffee machine partners for the last decade and can offer the best pricing, installation, and aftercare across the entire Franke Coffee Machine range.

Franke coffee machines range from simple office bean to cup machines to heavy-duty commercial bean to cup coffee machines. They are suitable for Self-Service Areas, Offices, Canteens & Catering looking for a range of 80 to 300 cups of coffee per day. They are available on outright purchase with exclusive discounts or attractive lease options from as little as £22.99/week

Best Franke Coffee Machine: At a glance

Best Franke Coffee Machine for an Office: Franke A600

Best Franke Coffee Machine for High-Output: Franke A1000

Most Stylish Franke Coffee Machine: Franke FM850

Best Franke Coffee Machine for Small premises: Franke A300

Best All-round Franke Coffee Machine: Franke A800

Why Choose Franke Coffee Machines?

Franke Coffee machines provide the best bean to cup machines that meet your requirements in terms of drinks size, customisation, speed, and varieties of drinks.

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Franke iQFlow™ Bean to cup technology

Franke coffee machines have revolutionised traditional espresso extraction concept with its iQFlow™ technology that extracts the flavour from any coffee grind at the optimal temperature and pressure.

iQFlow™ technology produces a uniform pressure distribution on the coffee ground during the extraction process to get you a perfect coffee that preserves all nuances and individual taste.

Franke coffee machines open a new avenue in taste profiling by allowing you more options to create a customised aroma design at a maximum yield and minimum waste.

Franke bean to cup machines with its revolutionary iQFlow™ technology offers the perfect solution for any busy business, from hotels to restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Franke Coffee Machines - Telemetry (Information monitoring and recording)

The Franke Digital Services suite optimize your coffee business by improving the quality of your experience and giving your customers what they want: simplicity, convenience, and personalization.

Franke Coffee Machines - Profitability

Franke Digital Services serve customers who want to monitor peak trading times to gain a real-time insight to sales patterns to better manage and drive their coffee business.

FAQ - Franke Coffee Machines

Which is the Best Franke Coffee Machine for an Office?

Franke A600 bean to cup coffee machine delivers up to 150 hot beverages and has a clear 8” display that is easy to configure for an office. A variety of hot drinks choices with a hot chocolate hopper as standard and a separate hot water dispenser, is available as tank filled or plumbed in version which is suitable for any office.

Which Franke Coffee Machine gives a high output in terms of coffees?

Premises such as large offices, Canteens & Catering where high output is required, the Franke A1000 is the ideal choice of commercial coffee machine.

Which is the Most Stylish Franke Coffee Machine?

The Franke FM850 is a very stylish looking commercial bean to cup coffee machine with a sleek black façade and a 10.4” intuitive touch screen that will make a statement and be simple to use. Stainless steel detailing completes the look of the machine.

Which Franke Coffee Machine is suitable for smaller premises?

The Franke A300 is a compact commercial bean to cup coffee machine. It is the perfect choice for smaller premises where space may be at a premium. Its dimensions are 270mm (Width), 587mm (Depth) and 465mm (Height)

Which is the Best All-round Franke Coffee Machine?

The Franke A800 commercial coffee machine is a fully automated machine that deliver 250 quality drinks every time. FoamMasterTM technology makes a perfect hot or cold foam and is compatible with any refrigeration option making it the ideal machine for hot or cold beverages. Top performance, easy usability, beautiful aesthetics and value for money make this the best all-round Franke Coffee machine. 

How long have Franke been making coffee machines?

Established in 1911, Herman Franke started the Franke Coffee Machine company as a sheet metal company. Through innovation they are considered the most prestigious bean to cup coffee machine brand in the world.