Gain 3-5 more customers per day to your Cafe/Restaurant with this TripAdvisor Trick!

If you’re a cafe owner, then you will more than likely have a TripAdvisor profile for your business.

If you don’t, I’d highly recommend you create one ASAP. It’s fast and simple to do, and it’s a source of free, and highly converting traffic. 

If you already have your TripAdvisor profile, you’ll be aware of its potential to refer new customers to your business. But what if I were to tell you there’s a simple, and hugely effective trick to ramp up the potential of your TripAdvisor profile? 

Well, I’m about to tell you – so listen up :-).

In fact, I won’t tell you  – I’ll show you. 

Jump on Google, and search for cafe in (your area), or “best cafe’s in (your area)”, or any similar search.

You’ll most likely find in the top position, a TripAdvisor page with the title: THE 10 BEST Cafés in <town/city>, Updated <month, year>.

Click on that link, and look at the list that pops up. For the example below, I’ve searched for cafe’s in Sheffield. 

You’ll notice that only one result within the first five results on the page, has a “menu” link.


Why does adding your menu to your TripAdvisor listing make a difference?

This menu icon bypasses the individual listing page, and takes the visitor straight to your website…

Need I say more?

While the potential customer can click through to the listing pages that don’t have this link, and from there, they can then click on their website link – this adds another step for the visitor to perform, another hoop for them to jump through in order to get what they were looking for.

People are inpatient online, they want results as quickly a possible, in as little clicks as possible. If they’re looking for a cafe in a certain area, and they see a menu link, meaning that they can find out if this cafe serves what they’re looking for, and find out other information while they’re at it, a healthy percentage of people are going to click that link, especially when it’s the only link they can see within the first five results, as in this example. 

It’s completely free to add your menu, I’ll show you how to do this shortly, and it takes a couple of minutes, if that.

Using your Menu as Clickbait.

It’s important to remember that you’re not just linking people to your menu, a stand-alone piece of media which only contains your products & pricing.

You’re basically using your menu as clickbait to pull people from the TripAdvisor website, to your website. Once they’re there, it’s then the job of your website and its content, including your menu, to work its magic to convert these visitors into customers

How to Add Your Menu to TripAdvisor. 

  1. Log in to the Management Centre.
  2. Choose “Menu” from the “Manage Listing” tab.
  3. Type in or copy and paste your menu link in the box underneath where it says “Menu URL.”
  4. Click the orange “Submit” button.

That’s it!

For more see the TripAdvisor add your menu instructions

If you found this helpful, keep your eyes peeled for my next one – as I’m going to be sharing another very simple, fast & effective trick for gaining more highly converting traffic via Google.

Author: Kev Lewis

The UK Speciality Coffee Blog – For Lovers of REAL Coffee!


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